"14th Five-Year" New Journey | Promoting Digital Transformation of 100 Projects (Provincial Leaders Investigate Jianlong Harbin Bearing)

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On the morning of July 8, a research group composed of the Secretary-General of the Promotion Committee of Smart Enterprises of Heilongjiang Enterprise Federation, Baotou Steel, and the heads of relevant departments came to Jianlong Harbin Bearing Hannan Bearing Industrial Park to conduct research on the current situation, difficulties and suggestions of enterprise digital transformation. Heilongjiang Provincial Enterprise Confederation Smart Enterprise Promotion Committee, Heilongjiang Provincial Industrial Information Development Center (Heilongjiang Province Electronic Technology Research Institute) Director Liu Zhilong, Heilongjiang Provincial Enterprise Confederation Smart Enterprise Promotion Committee Member, Provincial Bearing Industry Association Secretary General Zhang Jiangsheng, etc. accompanied the investigation.


Xue Kunpeng, general manager of Jianlong Harbin Bearing Co., Ltd., expounds in detail the new technology after the reform and restructuring to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry to intelligent, and gradually realize the development trend of digital, networked and intelligent production. Jianlong’s chief engineer and deputy general manager Jia Qiusheng reported on the advancement of the Harbin Bearing Axis digital construction project. Jianlong Harbin must take the digital transformation as an opportunity to accelerate the integrated construction of the enterprise’s "research, production, supply and marketing", promote the improvement of management efficiency, and commit to building The domestic first-class production base of high-end bearings.


After listening to relevant reports, Baotou Steel stated that Jianlong Harbin Bearings, as Harbin's old industrial business card, seized the opportunities of the times and affirmed the upgrade of the installation. He pointed out that the relevant departments of the Provincial Intelligence Promotion Committee should strengthen communication with Jianlong Harbin, understand the needs, and give strong support. Baotou Iron and Steel hopes that Jianlong Harbin Bearing will continue to do practical work in the future and make contributions to the digitalization of Longjiang.


Later, Baotou Iron and Steel and his party went to the workshop and watched as they walked to experience the changes after the reorganization of the enterprise. Jianlong Harbin Bearing will further realize intelligent manufacturing, and strive towards the goal of building a benchmark enterprise for industrial revitalization and industrial rise in Heilongjiang with a brand-new image.


Xue Kunpeng, general manager of Jianlong Harbin Bearing, and Jia Qiusheng, chief engineer and deputy general manager, accompanied the investigation.