2021 September the 1st Week GQZ News Recommendation - Xiangyang Bearing Company Held a Performance Inquiry Meeting for the Polish Factory in the First Half of the Year

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In order to further follow up the actual operation status of the Polish factory and strengthen operation management, from August 10 to August 12, Xiangyang Bearing Company organized a video conference on the performance of the Polish factory in the first half of the year. The leaders of Xiangyang Bearing Company Gao Shaobing, Zhang Lei, Jia Mengfei, Tang Yong and members of the Polish Operation Management Special Class of Xiangyang Bearing Company attended the meeting, and invited three ring group chairman Mei Hansheng and vice president Tang Zhibiao to participate.


21 middle-level managers of Polish factories reported on their work. The polish factory management committee reported on the operation in the first half of the year. The participants questioned and exchanged in combination with the operation performance and related issues in the first half of the year, and jointly discussed the key work plans and measures in the second half of the year, so as to ensure the smooth achievement of the annual indicators. At the same time, the meeting asked the Polish plant managers to plan the medium and long-term development strategy in advance and make deployment arrangements around the profit index within five years.


Gao Shaobing, chairman of Xiangyang bearing company, put forward the following work requirements:

The first is to strengthen the construction and reform of the Polish factory governance structure. Clarify responsibilities and division of labor, reduce management levels, and strengthen the management committee; combine target management to improve remuneration and target assessment mechanisms, and conduct regular assessments.


The second is to formulate a five-year development plan and implementation path. Focusing on five-year profit and efficiency indicators to do a good job in market research and development, human resources, project investment and other key tasks; the management committee regularly reviews and studies development strategies, and improves corresponding measures; externally grasps the market, internally controls costs, and both hands do a good job in operation and management .


The third is to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two parties. Strengthen cooperation in many aspects such as technology research and development, market development, parts procurement, equipment purchase, etc., and learn from each other's advanced experience and practices.


The fourth is to actively promote management innovation. Encourage all units with independent income-generating capabilities to take new paths, increase profits, open up new prospects, and bring new development.


Mei Hansheng, chairman of Sanhuan Group, affirmed the operation performance of the Polish factory in the first half of the year, recognized the regular performance inquiry work, and put forward requirements for the work of the Polish factory in the second half of the year:

• confidence is more important than gold, enhance development confidence, compare with the advanced standard industry, find out the gap and strive to do better;

• strengthen target management, KPI assessment and incentive, rolling tracking and dynamic management;

• adhere to lean management to achieve sustainable development of the enterprise. Pay attention to indicators such as labor productivity and labor cost while paying attention to benefit indicators, so as to improve the ability of sustainable benefits;

• give further play to the coordination and cooperation between the polish factory and Xiangyang factory, carry out the whole supply chain cooperation and management exchange and cooperation, and realize complementary advantages and common improvement.


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