2022 April the 2nd Week GQZ News Recommendation - NTN Acquires Naming Rights for Tado San Hiking Course, Tado Sanjyo Park in Mie Prefecture

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Promote the health of local residents by concluding comprehensive collaboration agreement with Kuwana City

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has concluded a comprehensive collaboration agreement for “health promotion” and economic local virtuous cycle with Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, and also acquired the naming rights for the “Tado San Hiking Course” and the “Tado Sanjyo Park,” located at the top of Mt. Tado, in Tado-cho, Kuwana City. NTN will implement environmental protection activities and facility improvements in Mt. Tado to contribute to the health of local residents.

Our business, which has added new technological value to its bearings of all types and sizes, markets its products to a range of industrial machinery sectors including construction machinery, rolling stock, machine tools, agricultural machinery, aerospace, office equipment, and wind turbines.

Since its foundation in Kuwana City, Mie in 1918, NTN has been operating its business with the great support and cooperation of local residents. Today, NTN runs many business bases for manufacturing, development, and logistics in the region. Additionally, we have been promoting contributions and exchanges with local communities by holding summer festivals at business sites, conducting local cleanup activities, acquiring the naming rights for the Kuwana City Sports Park (current name: NTN Sports Park) and providing training for children by members of NTN Track & Field Club which has entered the New Year Ekiden (All-Japan Corporate Ekiden Championships) many times.

With the aim of further contributing to the development in the region, NTN has concluded the comprehensive collaboration agreement with Kuwana City. We will create a virtuous cycle between the environment and the economy through promoting the health of local residents and tourists by utilizing the natural-rich Mt. Tado in Kuwana City.

Accompanied by the conclusion of this agreement, NTN has acquired naming rights for “Tado San Hiking Course” and “Tado Sanjyo Park,” and made them the “NTN Tado San Hiking Course” and “NTN Tado Sanjyo Park.” At the same time, we will implement initiatives to make beautiful Mt. Tado which more people including local residents visit.

NTN employees will continue to conduct environment protection activities which we have been implementing since 2009; we plant trees and thin trees in some areas of Mt. Tado. Additionally, we will create an environment where people can enjoy hiking in Mt. Tado more than ever through regular cleanups and renewal of the hiking course map.

At “NTN Tado Sanjyo Park,” the end of the hiking course, we will improve facilities such as entrance signage and observation deck. In addition, we will install a recycling-type eco-toilet utilizing Transportable Independent Power Supply “N3 N-CUBE*” that generates electricity from renewable energy such as wind and solar. All electricity used in the eco-toilet is to be supplied by “N3 N-CUBE.” It can be installed and operated without the need for electrical wiring, and preparing water supply and sewerage. It provides a comfortable and clean toilet space at any time.

NTN Group's common vision is to realize a sustainable “NAMERAKA Society” where people can easily lead a secure and fulfilling life in harmony with nature. Through the initiatives associated with this comprehensive collaboration agreement, we will contribute much more to local communities. Additionally, we will focus on solving social issues through our business activities with the aim of becoming a company that is needed by a sustainable society.

* June 4, 2019 Press Release:
Development of “N3 N-CUBE,” Container Type Transportable Independent Power Supply

Overview of naming rights


NTN Tado San Hiking Course (Tado San Hiking Course)
NTN Tado Sanjyo Park (Tado Sanjyo Park)    


Tado-cho, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture    

Contract period

April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2027 (5 years)    


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