2022 August 3rd Week GQZ News Recommendation - NTN offers full solution package for heavy industries

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Sourcing equipment componentry from various different manufacturers can prove costly and inefficient, with potential for more issues to arise due to incompatibility. Through an established supplier network, Motion Australia aims to provide cohesive, industry standard product that best suits the relevant application, and ensures long service life from plant and machinery.

Ross Lee, business development manager at Motion Australia, says that NTN’s new ULTAGE range of Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings successfully meet and exceed the demands of industry. Importantly, they do not compromise on strength or resistance to adverse environmental stressors. 

“These bearings are a very popular product across a range of different industries and are used by large mining organisations all the way down to smaller manufacturing plants.” he said.

“One primary application is on conveyors for bulk material handling, which can be anything from coal and mineral ores, to grain, sand and aggregates, and other raw material.”

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this product is its compatibility with the NTN SNG Plummer Block, ensuring a full solution package for external mounting. This offers best value for cost, ease of servicing, and ready availability from Motion Australia.

The robust SNG Plummer Block incorporates base reinforcing ribs to ensure optimum rigidity and heat dissipation, as well as Grade 8.8 Cap Bolts for the best strength capacity.

The smart design of each housing unit is demonstrated by two grease fitting points in the cap, allowing for chamber or central bearing relubrication. The housing base also features a grease drain hole, and side face markings to aid simple and versatile mounting.

When mounted, the ULTAGE Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings offer protection against the entry of external contaminants that adversely impact  the quality of grease lubricant. Such contamination of lubricant is frequently identified as the main cause of premature bearing damage, and failure. 

“In almost all industrial applications, bearings will be exposed to some degree of contamination,” posits Lee.

“The integrated sealing on these bearings ensures that even when mounted in an external housing unit with various options of shaft seals, the bearing is still protected from the entry of contaminant carrying grease circulating in the housing chamber.”

Constant pressure on the sealing ‘lip’ ensures positive sealing characteristics, even in the case of misalignment. 

“You will always have a better chance of excluding contamination, and sustaining the quality of grease lubrication, if the seals are located within the bearing envelope,” said Lee.

Due to their design and high dynamic load rating these bearings allow for extended maintenance intervals, reducing the overall cost of downtime and repairs. Additionally, with grease re- lubrication, subject to application, nil or significantly lower replenishment volumes are required to maintain smooth bearing operation.

The benefit of this is three-fold: lower grease consumption saves on lubrication costs, reduces re-lubrication labour, or grease delivery device costs, and minimises waste and environmental impact of the site.

“The unit design encourages a frugal lubrication requirement, which is financially optimal and better for the environment,” said Lee.

“Grease is retained inside the bearing, so it is not being expelled and requiring frequent clean-up, and avoids contaminating soil or watercourses.”

The ULTAGE range has a service life up to five times longer than similar products on the market, boasting dynamic load ratings and removable seals for shaft sizes 130mm and greater. The reduced grease requirement ensures cleaner handling during installation and removal, making it a safer process for fitters and operators. Where NBR compound seals are used, the bearing can accommodate temperatures between -20°C and 110°C. 

“NTN and CBC, part of Motion Australia, have been part of a joint venture since 1971 in Australia, and together we have an established history as a principal supplier and source of technical support across multiple sectors,” concluded Lee.

“Together, we carry out research and development for engineering applications concerning industrial, mining, earthmoving, construction, and automotive. It is full spectrum expertise made accessible.” 

Key features of the NTN ULTAGE Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings

• Can accept misalignments of up to 0.5° without performance deterioration

• Low vibration levels and noise range

• Dimensions compliant with ISO15:1998

• Suffix W33 groove and lubrication holes

• Available in cylindrical or tapered bore


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