2022 June 2nd Week GQZ News Recommendation - How To Make Bearings in My Time at Sandrock

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To get Bearings in My Time at Sandrock, workshop adventurers must acquire a common resource known as Mechanical Scrap, which is used for Recycling.

The Bearing is Relic Material in My Time at Sandrock used for crafting various devices and machinery, including the Grinder, Fire Powered Generator, and Blender Lv1. Players will also need to acquire Bearings ×4 during the early mission, "Picking Up the Slack," during which they must construct a Crane Lift to help miners and adventurers have further access to Paradise Lost's explorable Ruins in My Time at Sandrock. Therefore, procuring Bearings is a task that is essential for the progression of the main story in the game.

As mentioned above, Bearings are Relic Materials, items obtained primarily by "ruin diving." The Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins is the first location where players can go on their first ruin expedition, but the site is inaccessible until they've completed "Picking Up the Slack." Accordingly, players must obtain Bearings via another method — Recycling. As its name implies, Recycling is an activity conducted by the Recycler, a crafting station that processes various kinds of Scrap into useful materials. Players will acquire lots of Scrap as they partake in Quarrying, mining minerals, deposits, and nodes with their Pickhammer. Such Scrap includes Wood Scrap, Stone Scrap, Copper Scrap, and Mechanical Scrap.

Mechanical Scrap is a resource recovered from waste that can be processed into mechanical components in My Time at Sandrock, such as Dregs, Old Parts, and Bearings. Thus, after the protagonist has crafted a Recycler during "The New Builder," they will be capable of producing Bearings once they've procured some Mechanical Scrap.

Mechanical Scrap should be an item that players frequently encounter on their Quarrying expeditions in the deserts around Sandrock. However, if they are having trouble finding some, they can also purchase this Scrap type at the Eufaula Salvage Shop. This store sells Quarrying-related items such as Dinas, Data Discs, ⁠Power Stones, and ⁠Mechanical Scrap. One batch of ⁠Mechanical Scrap will cost the player 32 Gols.

After procuring ⁠Mechanical Scrap, My Time At Sandrock players can finally "craft" Bearings by placing the Scrap into a Recycler for an in-game duration of an hour and forty-five minutes. Once the processing has been completed, players have the following rates of obtaining a Bearing:

Bearing ×1: 60% chance of being produced

Dregs ×2-6: 50% chance of being produced

Old Parts ×1: 40% chance of being produced

Once players have "gotten their Bearings," they can proceed with constructing the Crane Lift and building other practical machinery during their future endeavors. Keep in mind that most devices will require multiple Bearings, so fans should ensure they recycle or find more than one.



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