2022 October 5th Week GQZ News Recommendation - Beware Bablas, this is a sign that the motorcycle wheel bearing needs to be replaced, if it collapses first, it can be a disaster

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Wheel bearings that are damaged or oblique if not replaced immediately can cause accidents on the road.

 It's like a motorbike that suddenly feels limp after hitting a pothole, so that the motorbike suddenly wobbles at high speed.

 Symptoms of wheel bearings that have started to fail are easy to recognize, as stated by Irvan Ardianto - Service Advisor from Ahass TDM Honda Sidomulyo.

 "The tires feel like throwing to the right and left. Especially if you use it cornering, it will be more pronounced and make the motor unstable," said Irvan.

 According to Irvan, many bikers are still wrong in detecting the damage to the front wheel bearing and the problem with the komstir.

 "If the driver has problems, generally when turning the steering wheel or handlebars, it becomes heavy or even too light, accompanied by a clicking sound in the steering wheel area.

 Meanwhile, if the front wheel bearing has problems, the tires or rims seem to run left and right when used," he added when met at Ahass TDM Honda Sisomulyo.

 Irvan also added, to check the condition of the bearings or bearings on the front rim of the motorcycle is actually quite easy.

 "When the motorbike is parked, use the center standard or paddock. Then focus on the front wheels," said Irvan.

 "Then shake the front rim with both hands, if when shaken it turns out that there is a looseness on the rim axle (oblak) it can be ascertained that the front wheel bearing or blade needs to be replaced," he explained again.

Finally, Irvan revealed that the wheel bearing damage was caused by several things.

 "Usually because they often carry heavy loads, break through damaged roads or they can often break through floods that almost drown the wheels," he said.

 Therefore, driving behavior plays an important role in maintaining the durability of the bearings on the motorcycle wheels.

 Remember, when the wheel bearing has a problem, it should be replaced immediately because it can make the motor unstable and dangerous at high speeds.

 The price of wheel bearings is also relatively cheap, only around IDR 20-30 thousand depending on the type of motor.



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