2022 September 2nd Week GQZ News Recommendation - Tips for Keeping Vehicle Bearings Durable

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In a vehicle, be it a motorcycle or a car,bearings are components on the legs that play a role in supporting comfort. If a problem occurs, then the wheel will produce a disturbing sound that can even affect the stability of the vehicle.

This has also caught the attention of one of the largest bearing manufacturers in the world, namely SKF. PT SKF Indonesia's Application Engineer, M. Abiyyu Hanif said, there are several things that need to be done so that drivers can extend the service life of the bearings on the wheels.

"First, make sure the vehicle is only used with a load that meets the standard. If it is used for overload, the bearing which also functions as one of the supports on the wheel will be damaged more quickly," said M. Abiyyu Hanif to republica.co.id, when found at the SKF booth during GIIAS 2022 some time ago.

Second, if the bearing has started to experience obstacles when rotating, he suggested that the driver should not repair it but immediately replace it.

"Sometimes the bearing problem is tricked by opening the seal and applying lubricant or grease. This can indeed make the bearing spin smoothly again, but only in the short term," he said.

This happens because the seal in the bearing is designed with such a tight fit to protect the inside of the bearing. When the seal is removed and reinstalled, automatically seal protection will not be optimal again.

This means that dirt will enter the bearing more quickly and disrupt bearing performance. Over time, it also has the potential to make bearing damage worse.

Therefore, he suggested that damaged bearings be replaced immediately. Bearing in mind that bearing repair work is quite complicated, so it takes a long time.

If it is only repaired, in a short time, the driver will still have to dismantle the legs so that it is less effective in terms of time and cost.

"When replacing, make sure the bearing has the appropriate serial number because the serial number determines the size and function of each bearing. So replacement is not only based on the size and physical shape that is similar because even though it is similar, the designation is not in accordance with the workload. as it should be," he said.



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