By 2025: Luoyang is projected to become a leading domestic bearing R&D and production base

Bearings seem ordinary, but they are core components in modern machinery and equipment, and are called "mechanical joints". The bearing industry is a national basic strategic industry, which plays an important role in the development of the national economy and defense.

At present in the Luoyang City, bearing industry led by Luoyang Bearing Corp., Luoyang Bearing Research Institute and other enterprises, has made it the bearing production base in China with the largest product size range, the widest application coverage and the most complete variety in the domestic market. The city has achieved an annual output of 200 million sets of bearings. In recent years, it has successively produced a series of achievements in the development of the bearing industry.

Innovative breakthroughs made by the Luoyang Bearing Research Institute provided an anti-icing telescopic tube mounting seat for the wing anti-icing system for the ARJ21 Xiangfeng airliner, the first regional aircraft completely independently designed and manufactured in the country, moreover, there have been many other instances advancement in technology innovation.

Luoyang City will take the construction and upgrading of the Provincial Bearing Innovation Center as the starting point, striving to cultivate high-end, large-scale, and serialized bearing industry clusters, create a group of industry-leading enterprises with international competitiveness.

It is projected by the year 2025, the city's bearing and basic parts industry operating revenues will reach 50 billion yuan, establishing a leading domestic bearing research and development and production base.

Based on the industry chain map and combined with international and domestic market demands, Luoyang City will: 

Focus on the “strong chain” of the large-scale bearing industry chain and build a strong bearing industry; focus on expanding the precision bearing industry;

Focus on rail transit and optimize the rail transit and railway bearing industry.

In addition, the city will keep focusing on large-scale bearings production, relying on companies combining research and development experimental platforms such as the State Key Laboratory to further enhance the technical advantages of wind power spindle bearings and other products, and enhance market competitiveness. 

Focus on precision bearings, Luoyang City will rely on the Luoyang Bearing research institute, Hongyuan Bearings and other enterprises to develop and produce precision bearings as the development direction;

Focus on the development of high-end products such as aerospace bearings, and deploy the high-end equipment industry and industrial automation industry application market areas.

Focus on railway bearings, Luoyang City will systematically develop high-speed railway bearings from all aspects of bearing design, materials, heat treatment, and precision machining, and coordinate and promote the 250km/h high-speed rail bearing loading test and 350km/h high-speed rail bearing platform. Frame test work.

With the combination of production, education and research and financial support, Luoyang city is bound to leap forward in the bearing industry. As an important research and production base of bearing products in the country, Luoyang City currently has key technical support institutions, such as Henan University of Science and Technology,; Luoyang Bearing Corp., one of the three major domestic bearing factories, and Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, which is the only national institute in the domestic bearing industry. 

In the next step, Luoyang City will accelerate the training of talents, relying on Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang Institute of Technology, Luoyang Vocational and Technical College and other institutions of higher learning, as well as key enterprises such as Luoyang Bearing Corp., Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, and Hongyuan Bearing, to explore a school-enterprise joint talent training model.

In terms of industrial investment, in accordance with the current development status of the bearing industry and future key development directions, Luoyang City has sorted out a couple of key projects in fields of wind power bearings, shield machine bearings, and rail transit bearings, and strives to build a wind power bearing industry cluster.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Luoyang City will strive to introduce more than 5 investment promotion projects of more than 100 million yuan in the bearing and basic parts industry, forming 2 tens of billions of bearing industry clusters in Jianxi District and Xin'an County.