GQZ | Precious Deep Groove Ball Bearing

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Wuxi Guangqiang Bearing Trade Co.,LTD(GQZ), deals with precision bearings and bearing related products across a large spectrum of customers - primarily OEM and major distributors. Deep groove ball bearing is one of its main products.

Deep groove ball bearing

GQZ's deep groove ball bearing includes 6000 series bearing, 6200 series bearing, 6300 series bearing, 6400 series bearing, 6700 series bearing, 6800 series bearing, 6900 series bearing, 1600 series bearing, R series bearing. Each type has its corresponding details, so that customers can better understand this product.


In GQZ, deep groove ball bearings can be used in gearboxes, instruments, motors, household appliances, internal combustion engines, transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, etc.

bearings used in motors

Deep groove ball bearing is the most commonly used rolling bearing. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, low friction, low noise and vibration and high rotational speeds. It can be used for adial and axial loads in both directions and easy to mount.

No matter from the product quality or price,  deep groove ball bearing in GQZ is your best choice!