GQZ Technology Knowledge: Tapered Roller Bearing without Small Flange

The overall structure of the bearing is improved, and the tapered roller bearing without small retaining edge is designed.

Tapered roller bearing 


Abstract: This paper analyzes the influence of small retaining edge of inner ring of tapered roller bearing on bearing processing and assembly, designs a new type of tapered roller bearing without small retaining edge, and introduces its inner ring structure and cage stamping and assembly method in detail.


Key words: Tapered roller bearing; Retaining edge; Stamping cage; Mould


Tapered roller bearing is a separate bearing in structure, that is, the outer ring can be separated from the inner component. The inner assembly is composed of roller, inner ring and cage. The roller and cage are locked by the large and small retaining edges on the inner ring, and the roller is placed in the inner ring raceway to form an inseparable assembly. Due to the existence of small retaining edge in the inner ring of the bearing with this structure, the roller cannot be lengthened in the limited raceway width, which restricts the improvement of the bearing capacity; It affects the machining accuracy and material utilization of the bearing, and quenching cracks are easy to appear in the heat treatment; The bearing is inseparable from the machine tool and die in assembly, and the small retaining edge is easy to be broken during installation and use.


In order to solve the above problems, the overall structure of the bearing is improved, and the tapered roller bearing without small retaining edge is designed. Before the improvement, the cage needs to be expanded during roller assembly to make the beam at the small end of the window hole of the cage move outward, which is equivalent to the width of two small retaining edges. At this time, the loaded roller can move outward, so that the roller can enter the raceway smoothly, and then use the assembly die to shrink the expanded cage to the original state to complete the assembly of the bearing. After the improvement, the small retaining edge of the bearing is cancelled and a flange is added on the large retaining edge (Fig. 1), so that the roller can enter the inner race smoothly without expansion of the cage. In order to match the improvement of the large retaining edge structure, the cage structure adds an inner bending edge at the large end of the cone (Fig. 2).



Fig. 1 Inner ring          


 Fig. 2 Cage


The stamping process flow of the improved cage is as follows: material cutting and forming → bottom cutting → window punching → hole pressing slope → inner diameter of the end face → initial bending → final bending → inner diameter of the secondary turning (inner diameter of the bending). The structure of cage bending die is shown in Figure 3.




Fig. 3 Bending die


The improved 32216 bearing structure is shown in Figure 4, and its comprehensive characteristics are as follows:

(1) When the outer diameter of the large retaining edge remains unchanged, a flange extends to the outer diameter direction to lock the cage;



Fig. 4 32216 bearing


(2) When the original basic structure and size of the cage remain unchanged, the inward bending edge is added in the direction of the large end of the window hole to form a C-shape;

(3) After the inner assembly is installed, the assembly is completed by the interference fit between the large flange and the inner diameter of the bent edge of the cage without falling off;

(4) Cancel the small retaining edge of the inner ring to facilitate processing, and improve the processing accuracy, production efficiency and material utilization;

(5) The inner component assembly does not need to expand the cage, maintains the original stamping accuracy and has no noise during assembly.


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