GQZ Technology Knowledge: The Research of Design and Type-select Calculation System for Rolling Bearing

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Overall design and characteristics of bearing design and type selection calculation system.




Abstract: The developed system includes some main function modules, such as the code category and analysis, bearing design and calculation, data search and a solid design database etc. This paper discussed the total design, function, characteristics of the system, making use of the Delphi7 development tool and Access database systems to complete the system development. The function is perfect, the usage is convenient, the system is stable, and has beginning to spread and use.


Key word : Rolling Bearingdata searchType-select calculation


1. Introduction

The design and type selection of rolling bearings are frequently carried out in many mechanical designs. The main contents include bearing load calculation, selection of appropriate bearings and structural design according to load and service conditions. As there are many types of rolling bearings, the selection of relevant parameters is complex, and the rolling life check is not convenient, it is necessary to develop a bearing design and selection calculation system to improve the design efficiency and reduce the design time. The system developed in this paper uses the mainstream database software Access2000 and powerful database in the market, and uses Borland Delphi 7 language. The system has perfect functions, convenient use and stable system.


2. Overall design of bearing design and type selection calculation system

The bearing design and type selection calculation system is composed of code classification and analysis, bearing design calculation, data query and design case library. The main interface of the system is shown in Fig. 1.




Fig.1 main interface of bearing design and type selection calculation system


The main functional modules of the system are as follows:

(1) Classification, structure and code of rolling bearings

This module has three functions:  classify general bearings, special bearings, plain bearings and linear motion rolling bearings according to their different classification principles;  The code analysis module analyzes the bearing code input by the user and outputs the meaning of the code;  Comparison of old and new code standards.


(2) Design and calculation of rolling bearing

This module is mainly used for rolling bearing design and check calculation. It is divided into design and check calculation of single rolling bearing and design and check calculation of bearing group. The main calculation contents are as follows:  equivalent static load;  Equivalent dynamic load;  Basic rated static load;  Basic rated dynamic load;  Service life of rolling bearing;  Limit speed, etc.


(3) Characteristics and data of rolling bearing

This module provides the latest published rolling bearing characteristics and data information, and collects and summarizes the relevant bearing information provided by each rolling bearing manufacturer.


(4) Selection and search of rolling bearing

This module mainly provides the user with the function of finding the information related to rolling bearings. After entering the query interface, the user can select the corresponding query method: query by inner diameter or by outer diameter, and then select the relevant values required by the system to obtain the required parameters of the bearing. If there is no bearing model that meets the user's requirements, the system will prompt the user to verify and re-enter, and repeat the above operations.


(5) Combined design of rolling bearing

Since rolling bearings are mostly used in pairs, they are often used in combination design. This module provides:  bearing configuration;  Supporting structure form;  Matching and pre tightening of axial fastening to bearing;  Sealing and lubrication;  A series of relevant information and legends, such as the installation and disassembly of bearings, are convenient for users to carry out bearing combination design.


(6) Rolling bearing support design case library

Six typical design examples such as motor support, blower support and railway vehicle support are provided in the rolling bearing support design case library. Each design includes four parts: bearing combination design, life calculation, fitting and installation, and lubrication and sealing for the convenience of users.


3. Characteristics of rolling bearing design and type selection calculation system

This system comprehensively integrates the knowledge of rolling bearing design and type selection calculation. It can not only select the appropriate bearing model according to the user's requirements and working conditions, and check the service life and limit speed, but also query the information of various aspects related to the bearing. Therefore, the system has the following functions:


(1) With interactive design means, the system uses prompts and menus to communicate with users, so that users can easily complete the whole design process.


(2) It can provide relatively complete bearing related information, from bearing classification to bearing configuration, from bearing design to bearing sealing and tolerance, etc. all these information are expressed in an appropriate way in this system.


(3) It can easily query all kinds of bearings and automatically give the view of samples. Just select the type of bearing and give appropriate query conditions, and the system can give the bearing information and sample view that meet the conditions.


(4) It can accurately calculate the bearing life and carry out targeted load verification. According to the parameters and working conditions entered by the user, through interactive specifications, the system will accurately analyze the load and calculate the life of the bearing selected by the user.


4. Concluding remarks

With the development of information technology, the main competition points in the world market are mainly manifested in the following aspects: the shortening of product production cycle, the diversification of users' demands, the large market and the large competition. It is very important for designers to provide users with satisfactory services and products in the shortest time and at the lowest cost, this paper provides a rolling bearing design and query system based on Windows platform for users, which can reduce the labor intensity of engineering designers, improve work efficiency and promote the automation process of enterprise design.


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