Luoyang, Henan Selected the First Ten Landmark High-end Equipment

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In order to recognize the positive achievements of enterprises in the field of high-end equipment development and encourage enterprises to continue to carry out technological innovation, Luoyang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology held the first ten landmark high-end equipment licensing ceremony on June 16. Zhao Zhanwei, secretary and director of the party group of Luoyang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, awarded medals for 10 award-winning enterprises such as CITIC Heavy Industry, China Yituo, Axle Research Institute, Xinqianglian, Chenhan Technology, Northern Glass, Qingluo Base, Luoyang Institute of Intelligent Agricultural Equipment, and China Che Luoyang Company.


The purpose of this event is to encourage the city’s equipment manufacturing companies to improve their independent innovation capabilities, intensively work in advantageous areas, speed up the conquering of a number of key areas of "stuck neck" technology, develop a number of iconic high-end equipment, and polish up the "golden sign" made in Luoyang and provide strong support for the construction of a national advanced manufacturing base.


After the licensing ceremony, representatives of participating enterprises held discussions and exchanges on technological innovation and product development. Wei Shuhong, Deputy Director-General of Luoyang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that he hoped that the award-winning enterprises would continue to strengthen, strive to further transform the technical and product advantages of Luoyang ’ s high-end equipment into industrial advantages and benefit advantages, cultivate and form new economic growth points, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and boost the high-quality development of industrial economy, so as to provide solid support for the city to deepen and improve the “ 9 + 2 ” work layout and strive to achieve the goal of “ four strong, two excellent, three competitive ”.


In recent years, around the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, Luoyang has been accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system led by emerging industries, supported by leading industries and highlighted by characteristic industries. Luoyang has continued to do a good job in project construction ' cow nose ' and field carrier ' strong magnetic field ', and promoted the construction of new industrial park. From ' Luoyang manufacturing ' to ' Luoyang metropolitan area manufacturing ', Luoyang has focused on expanding the new path of development and building a new pattern of development guided by opening up, and accelerated the exploration of unique ' Luoyang path ' around the construction of national advanced manufacturing base. At the beginning of May of this year, the announcement from the General Office of the State Council was encouraging. Luoyang was evaluated as a city with significant results in stable industrial growth and transformation and upgrading in 2020. For three consecutive years, Luoyang received the supervision and incentive of “ promoting stable industrial growth, transformation and upgrading, and implementing significant technological transformation ” and became the second city in China to achieve the “ three consecutive titles ” of the honor.