Schaeffler started the No. 4 plant in Nanjing of China

On May 27, Schaeffler held the opening ceremony of the No. 4 plant in Nanjing subsidiary. The new plant mainly produces large-size bearing products and focuses on serving the wind power industry. After it is put into use, it will further improve the overall layout of Schaeffler's Nanjing base, accelerate the development of Schaeffler's business, and better serve local customers and market needs.

According to data, the building area of No. 4 plant is about 22,000 square meters, and it mainly produces wind power main shaft bearings, heavy industry bearings, gearbox bearings and other products over 800 mm. After the new plant is put into use, it can provide about 12,500 sets of wind power bearings for the Chinese market every year. Schaeffler's Nanjing base will also become the largest wind power bearing production base of the Schaeffler Group in the Asia-Pacific region. At present, Schaeffler Nanjing Plant has built 4 production plants and 1 central warehouse, covering a total area of 260,000 square meters.

At present, "carbon peak in 2030" or "carbon neutrality in 2060" is becoming one of the important issues of China's economic and social development. Under the background of vigorously advocating the development of new energy, various "new infrastructure" projects including wind energy have been developed rapidly, the domestic wind power industry has ushered in new development space, and the market demand for large-size wind power bearings has further increased. Schaeffler actively responds to the developme nt trend of the renewable energy industry, and continuously accelerates the technology research and development and production capacity deployment in the renewable energy field to meet customer and market needs.

"Schaeffler always attaches great importance to sustainable development. The products of the new plant are used in the field of renewable energy, which fully reflects Schaeffler's active contribution to low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development", Zhang, CEO of Schaeffler Greater China Dr. Yilin said, "Schaeffler upholds the concept of'local resources serve the local market', accelerates product innovation and localized production capacity, continuously enriches the R&D and production layout in China, serves local customers, and achieves long-term development in the Chinese market."