Thrust Ball Bearings are Main Products in GQZ

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In GQZ, thrust ball bearings are one of popular products among all kinds of bearings, which include 51100 Series bearings, 51200 Series bearings, 51300 Series bearings and 51400 Series bearings. 


Thrust ball bearings are classified into those with flat seats or aligning seats depending on the shape of the outer ring seat (housing washer). They can sustain axial loads but no radial loads. For Single-Direction Thrust Ball Bearings, pressed steel cages and machined brass cages have usually used The cages in Double-Direction Thrust Ball Bearings are the same as those in Single-Direction Thrust Ball Bearings of the same diameter series.

Features of thrust ball bearings:

1. Available in two designs: single direction and double direction.

2. To accommodate initial misalignments in an assembly both designs are available with spherical aligning seats or aligning seat washers.

3. High-quality steel-ultra clean steel to extend bearing life by up to 80%.

4. High Grade Balls — Quiet and smooth operation even at high speed.

5. Optional seating rings take initial misalignment.

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